Weekend Ascend

Caroline Mackintosh and friends enjoy an impromptu jam session in the Karoo

When we heard that our friend Caroline Mackintosh was planning a weekend away at her creative retreat deep in the Karoo, we had to get in on it.

So we got her to select a bunch of clothing from our shop and left the rest up to her.

The result was, we’re sure you’ll agree, epic.

"This was just a typical weekend away with friends at my folks' game farm, about 42km from Barrydale. I didn’t want it to be me shooting my friends. I didn’t want it to look posed or styled. We all have an eye and our own cameras so I thought it would be interesting to get other people's angles and views, and just do our thing. If someone wanted to shoot something, they did. Everything was real. The bikes actually broke down and the guys had to fix them. Candice was doing cross-stitch. Mostly we were jamming. There was this amazing moment where we were playing and some giraffes, which are very inquisitive animals, started marching up the valley to see what all the noise was about and ended up just in front of the camp. There are no photos of that. Some things are best enjoyed in the moment.” – Caroline Mackintosh.

Nick Burton-Moore shoots video, rides wakeboard like a bad man and fixed those bikes after somebody – no names mentioned – put the wrong fuel into them. 

"I am an artist full-time, mostly in the pastures of painting, but photography, video and writing are all frequent visitors in my field – and very important ones at that. Without them, I would find it difficult to create anything. More often than not, these tools of documentation and reflection become the seeds for later, larger, ideas. It's when I return from weekends like these, where I get to play with all of the above in the company of other talented people, that I feel most inspired." – Chris Auret

Britt Durler is a freelance stylist specialising in both wardrobe and props.

Simon Berndt is a freelance Illustrator aka One Horse Town.

Candice Ježek is a freelance artist - slash - curator - slash - art director - slash - book designer. The slashie enjoys teaching herself new skills, which is why she spent the weekend doing cross-stitch, and says: "I'm forever craving to understand different mediums that I can use in my practice. Plus I find it incredibly addictive!"

Mark Davis works in set design for the film and photography industries, but his main passion is music. Mark's currently working on an album and some other collaborations in music, give his Soundcloud a spin.