5 Local Artists To Follow

Add these colourful characters to your Insta palette

Sometimes social media gets too much and you just want to tune out. Forget the Candy Crush invites and clicktivism on Facebook; leave all that shoutiness to the twits on Twitter, and instead mindlessly scroll through your Instagram feed. And if you're following the right people then it's a great way to decompress while reminding yourself of all the beauty in the world. Here's our pick of local artists worth following, and if you have any suggestions of your own then please school us in the comments field below. 

1 - @danieltingchong / 2 828

Dan is a designer and illustrator based in Cape Town who you may remember from our My Desk feature, when we photographed him at his studio, Only Today. This incredibly talented individual is making waves in the industry and you should follow for updates on his fun, colourful designs that are bound to put a smile on your dial. Or your socks. Dan does it all.

2 - @lorraineloots / 172k

Lorraine’s project “365 paintings for ants” catapulted her into the spotlight, where she managed to draw quite a cult following. Her works are mostly inspired by her local surrounding, Capetonians might notice a few familiar subjects (like the much loved Lazari cupcake), and we absolutely love the way her tiny images are able to capture so much detail! It’s also really refreshing to see an artist share so much of their work process. Follow for daily inspiration and beautiful art. 

3 - @jadeklara / 1022

Follow Jade for dreamy, whimsical artworks that are as cute and dreamy as she is.  Seriously, Google "Manic Dream Pixie Girl" and you'll find a pic of Jadels. Can we call you Jadels? We usually do, you know, just not to your fantastic face because we're usually too busy blushing. Anyway, many of Jade's pieces look like they are inspired by folklore – think fairy tale wolves and friendly ghosts - and we dream of owning one of her pieces one day.

4 - @jody_paulsen / 889

Jody Paulsens designs have been everywhere lately – and we’re not complaining. Follow for crazy, busy, inspiring patterns and designs – as well as a peek into the artist's life. Added extra - Jody as easy on the eye as his designs are. Take more selfies, damnit!

5 - @amicollective / 995

This Cape Town studio is pretty much responsible for the majority of illustrators working today. With a knack of training up young illustrators who go on to become competitors, the Collective is still full of incredibly talented individuals. Focusing on mainly illustration, design, and animation work, amicollective is all about pushing out seriously impressive work. We get more inspired with each visit. So check them out, you can thank us later!