Weekly Web Boners

A proudly South African dance, sepia-toned youth, THAT dress, super rich kids, drone attacks and more

Slyza Totsi

Having dedicated a lot of data to watching the homemade dance meme videos, some of which had up to 70k views, the Major League Djz have finally dropped their official video for Slyza Tsotsi, which stars the likes of Cassper Nyovest, Okmalumkoolkat, Riky Rick, King Mosha and even a shirtless Carpo. While we were guessing that the official vid would be a mashup of the best user-submitted vids, we were like, ishuu!!!, when we cava’d the low budget yet damn well executed party vibe. Stand outs for us were how Malume did a more convincing taxi-driver than the Hi-Ace rolling next to him, those nice Shandees, s/o to Dragon and Redd’s, and how everything is just so distinctly South African. Will Slyza Totsi replace Nkalakatha as the track that gets white guys onto the dancefloor at weddings and 21sts? We can only hope.

We Could Be Heroes

Our art buyer forwarded us this amazing link, thinking that it would serve as great inspiration for an upcoming campaign, and if we know our fashion director as well as we think we do, someone might be pushing for another black and white youth-inspired shoot soon... Anyway, this inaugural exhibition includes work by a group of master photographers who “photographed the development of youth culture and bittersweet rites of passage towards adulthood over the last century.” If you enjoy looking at pics of teenagers necking in theatres, Teds, Punks and other subcultures, then go check it out.

That Dress

Not since the whole world went crazy over whether that dress was white and gold or black and blue, have so many people had an opinion on an article of clothing. At the 2015 Met Gala, Beyoncé stole the show in a custom peekaboo Givenchy Haute Couture created by Riccardo Tisci and adorned with multicloured crystals and stones. Problem was that it was very similar to something that Lisa Left Eye Lopez from TLC wore in 1997. (Pours sip of coffee onto the floor for Left Eye. S/O to 'No Scrubs'.) Anyway, Rihanna was also there, dressed as an omelette, as was Kim K, dressed in an emsemble quite similar to Kanye's favourite woman of all time (of all time!). Let's just agree that the sheer thing has become very much Bey’s red carpet style and she looks like a golden statue in it. Now it's just a matter of waiting until the next SAMA awards to see Gavin Rajah’s copycat rendition

Kendall Jenner Attacked By Drone

Kendall Jenner’s giant Calvin Klein billboard was defaced last week, which begged many to ask whether we’d entered into a new phase of vandalism: drone-controlled graffiti. The surprising act was carried out by renowned street artist KATSU who in 2011 managed to deface the LA Museum of Contemporary Art with a hacked fire extinguisher. KATSU seemed pretty chuffed with his most recent act; chatting about the drone to Wired he said, “it’s exciting to see its first potential use as a device for vandalism.” While the act was obviously all kinds of illegal, the fact that he managed to tag a six-storey billboard in under one minute opened a new debate on the role of machinery in art/vandalism. Kendall managed to have a sense of humour about the whole thing, tweeting a newly-cleaned photo of the billboard and captioning it “what drone?”

Albert Einstein’s Handwriting

There’s a kickstarter to fund the creation of an Albert Einstein handwriting font. Your ideas might be second-rate – SHOE UMBRELLAS PROTECT YOUR SHOES WHEN IT RAINS! PHONE NOW AND WE’LL THROW IN THE TISSUE DISPENSING HAT FOR WHEN YOU HAVE A RUNNY NOSE!– but at least you’ll be able to write like a genius on your computer and phone! Reach into those pockets because a 2015 release would coincide with the centennial of the General Theory of Relativity.

Vuzu Rich Kids

Vuzu Amp has a local version of the E! Entertainment show Rich Kids of Beverly Hills, which introduces us to new South African rich kids every week. So far we met 21-year old Nape Phasha, whose father started out as a taxi driver, and the Moron Brothers, Bob and Don Manonga, who live in a 14-bedroom villa and drive around in Mercedes-Benz A45 AMGs. It’s a bit like watching a car crash in slow-motion, really: you want to look away but you just can’t do it. Rich Kids airs on channel 114 on Thursday at 19:00, with repeats on Fridays at 7:30, Saturdays at 16:30, and Mondays at 9:00 and 14:00.

Kehlani On The Rise

Just when we thought R&B was getting a little predictable, along came 19-year-old Kehlani. Self-assured, straightforward and soulful, her newly released offering You Should Be Here has already been heralded as the first great R‘n’B album of the year by everyone from Dazed to Billboard. Heck, even founder of Def Jam Records and all-round-music-legend Rick Rubin said the album was going to change the world, and his is an opinion that seriously matters. It’s not just her voice (which is softly sweet and gritty all at once) that sets her apart. As Complex puts it, her “imagination for story-telling” is also worth some appreciation. Her lyrics are both profound and ambiguous, and together her songs make up a concept album that authentically explores her relationships, from the sexual to the platonic. You can also expect some welcome appearances from BJ the Chicago Kid and Chance the Rapper.

If you still need some convincing, why not have a listen.

The future of streaming

Move over Pirate Bay, there’s a new pirating service in town – in the unlikely form of Twitter’s recent acquisition, Periscope. Since it launched a month ago, the live streaming app has given viewers free front-row access to some of the most newsworthy events of the year, from the Baltimore riots to the Pacquaio-Mayweather fight. While this means exciting changes are on the horizon when it comes to current events, it’s definitely opened up a can of worms for big media corporations, and they’re pissed. Take the fight for example. 

Whether you want to stream Game of Thrones or catch a movie before it’s even been released, the futures of the tech and entertainment industries are set to change from here on out. In the meantime, we’re just going to take a seat and watch the drama unfold (read: see what we can stream for free).


“Who’s the bad ass bitch that nobody heard that everybody heard of, now everybody heard that…” We like this track and love the shitty VHS quality of the video. Zoë Kravitz is so damn cool in this, purring her sexy electro-pop with gal-pal Miley Cyrus, proving that there’s no better afterparty venue than a hotel room.

Action Bronson x Jonah Hill

And then to end things off with a bang, imagine your favourite actor, Jonah Hill, interviewed your favourite rapper, Action Bronson, for your favourite pop artist's magazine – that would be Andy Warhol's Interview. Well, stop imagining and shake your head 'cos your eyes aren't jammed, bask in that greatness, here. Highlights include Hill's namedropping, "I remember I was probably 23 when Ed Norton interviewed me for Interview...", Bronsonmania talking about body-slams and how he "...don't want to get fucking Dimebag Darrell-ed." The pair also share some charlie chats on luxury, alligators and BMW station wagons. Must read!