Menswear Instagrammers


For our first #FollowFriday we feature five menswear Instagrammers worth following. These guys are at the forefront of fashion and are paving the way in pushing streetstyle to a brave new place. Each brings something different to the mix: Fashion on an art tip? Done. Style inspiration? Too easy. Minimalism? Yep. Killer style? Uh-huh. Black and white everything? You bet. 

Disagree with our selection or think we left someone out? School us in the comment box below. Know of someone that we should flash in our famebulb next week? Swing us your suggestions. Want to tell the dudes we featured how great they are and how much you appreciate their work. Comment away. This is your space.

1 – @artcomesfirst / 134k

Follow for endless inspiration and refreshing pictures about everything and anything stylish. Art, architecture, fashion – it’s all here.

2 – @fhatuwanimukheli / 14.6k

Follow for beautiful imagery and constant style inspiration. Innocent is one of our favourite local bloggers and 1/3 of I See A Different You – he also takes really nice pictures of everyday life.

3 – @nXJCOLLECTIVE / 10.9k

Follow for their take on minimal dressing. If you feel like being inspired, this account's for you.

4 – @anndyjackson / 1.8k

Follow for a breath of fresh air. Andy take beautiful pictures, always looks happy, and has killer style. He also takes a pretty good coffee snap, which we’re blaming all the office coffee trips on.

5 – @DAVIDGRR / 70.9k

Follow for minimal, clean images of stylish guys and their sartorial choices. We hope you like black and white.