#BTS: Autumn Daze

The stories behind our April story

Alex Franco

For our Autumn campaign, we flew down top international photographer, Alex Franco, a man who has shot for everyone from Vogue to GQ to edgy youth publications like Russh Magazine and Dazed & Confused. Having worked as Mario Testino's first assistant for six years, it's little wonder that since going his own way Franco has quickly become something of a darling of the music, film and fashion industries. Franco was an absolute pleasure to work with and every single one of our #SuperbStaff who worked with him on the shoot is still crushing hard.


To depict a summer sendoff, the last outdoor adventure before winter grips us in her icy claws, we decided on a weekend away with friends. To sell the autumnal gear – jackets, coats, sweaters, outerwear - that goes with the transitional seasons, we needed to depict elements of 70s, wanderlust, freedom, adventure, layering, bohemian living and shared fun.



“Why don’t we use real people for our campaign instead of models?”

And so our #20SuperbFaces concept was born, an online casting competition that searched for superb new faces to represent our brand. Our Social Media Manager, Amy Scheepers, clever sausage that she is, immediately banged something up in Photoshop and then posted on Instagram asking that our followers take a selfie and tag it #20SuperbFaces. The results were humbling, to say the least, with just under 1000 entries received. We then selected the faces that define Superbalism, shot a quick test shoot with them and featured the best of the best in our April campaign.


Danielle Theron is the biggest One Direction fan you could ever hope to meet. In fact, the minute she heard that One Direction were coming to town she rushed home to make a “Marry me, Harry Styles?” using her signature plum-oxblood coloured lipstick. As luck would have it, our April campaign fell the day before the concert, Dan’s big night, and so she just had to get that out of the way before she could fangirl to One Direction. But life is a funny old wench and decided to rob our truck full of product the night before the shoot. So there we were, with no product, models showing up for their 4am call time and our location booking out the window. Chaos ensued. But Danielle took it on the chin, got our warehouse to send more products, got the models to agree to work the following day, found a second location and then drove out into the country with the intention of getting everything done ahead of schedule so that she could make the One Direction concert later that evening.

“We had so many models. It was like The Babysitter's Club,” says Danielle, staring daggers at me for even bringing up this dark day in her life. “It wasn’t the warmest of days either. Not ideal, because the models didn’t want to jump in the lake for the one shot that we needed. I told them that if they didn’t I was going to miss One Direction and they ended up jumping in the lake. Still, we only finished up at 10pm and so I missed One Direction.”

Clearly not all stories have happy endings, but we commend our girl Dan because instead of #CuttingForZayn she put it all down to a learning experience and plans to marry Harry Styles the next time he visits SA instead.