The Street Edit

Exclusive Street Editorials by Chisanga Mubanga

Jordan Chanetsa

Outfit: vintage 

Oh my god, what even is that, Thandie Newton channeling a punk rock version of Minnie Mouse? Girl is like a bullet with butterfly wings. We don't know whether we should catcall her or just hand over our lunch money. And try as we might, we couldn't find any sort of social media presence for her, which we suppose kinda goes with the territory when you're the type of person to eschew labels. But enough about her, lets talk about her outfit. Heaven truly is in the details. Look at the paisley print sleeves on the leather biker jacket, and the studded collar denim shirt, which usually you wouldn't match with the same tone of denim jeans, but this girl can do whatever the hell she wants. 

Joshua Woolf

Instagram: @raisedbywoolfs

Clothing: Topman 

Sunglasses: Topman

Boots: Zara

You know how sometimes you're visiting home for Christmas, or whatever, and your mom keeps forcing you and your dad to bond, and because you didn't do enough of that growing up it feels forced now that you're grown, and because he doesn't really know what to do with you, your mom gets you guys to do something like hang bunting on the front of the house, but your dad wants to do it one way, and you have a different idea of doing it and eventually he plays the army card, saying that that's the problem with your generation, that you weren't forced to go to the army. Normally we'd disagree with that line of thought, but when we saw this cat's military inspired look we were, like, maybe a year of basics wouldn't have been that bad...

Ivy Onami

Instagram: ivyonamibrooks 

Shoes: Converse 

Shorts and Shirt: Cotton On 

Hat: gift 

Bag: Giani Bernini

This is a laid back look that's effortless and cool. Ivy looks like the type of girl who'd be really knowledgeable in all sorts of music, would always know the best places to eat and drink at, and would be an absolute blast to go out with. Sure, you can't judge a book by it's cover but when you look this fantastic you're definitely not going to be boring. 

Nezz The Anomaly

Instagram: lifeofnez

Twitter : @trashgodd

Soundcloud: lifeofnez

Shoes: Nike Air Max 

T-shirt: Smith & Abrahams 

Jeans: G-Star 

Jacket: Art Design 

Cap: Trash Godd x Hambogeza 

Sometimes you don't need to festoon yourself to Christmas tree proportions to stand out. If you have an innate sense of style you can just wear the same five things that everyone else is wearing - jeans, T-shirt, sneakers - and it'll speak louder than the guy with the bowtie, pocket square and whatever else fashion victims are peacocking with these days.

Thebe Magugu

Instagram: @thebemagugu

Twitter: @_ThebeMagugu_

Outfit by Oath.

This dude is EXACTLY how we would have liked to have dressed at school. The oversized pintstripe jacket and matching shorts in bottle green isn't too far off from the blazer that we actually wore to school. And that confusing necklace is so much more aesthetically pleasing than the corporate noose that we were forced to tie around our neck. Then there's the mesh vest, which conjures up PT period memories, something we'd rather forget, but still looks great and breathes so nicely. The socks and sandals look is on trend and comfy as. Overall this is a minimal look that they should roll out at schools immediately, and if not then we're happy to revisit our youth in it. 

Amy Clements

Instagram: @amythegypsy
Jeans: H&M
Top: Sparkle & Fade
Shoes: Tomy
Jacket: Blk Denim
Sunglasses: Zara

While fashion continuously churns out trends that are hot, classics always keep cool. Adaptable and ageless, the leather jacket is an item that everyone should own. Stripes are pretty preppy, but when worn on a cropped top and under a leather biker jacket they're given an edge. Then peep how she's wearing her cross body bag under her jacket, so subtle, but also functional as it hides her cellphone, wallet and keys from men dressed in balaclavas prowling the Joburg mean streets. Want to crop your high waisted pants like Amy has? Here's how to turn up


Alexandros Taderera

Twitter: @MixedRace_Teddy   

Shoes: Converse All Star

Trousers: H & M  

Top: Cruder Wood  

It's not often that you take notice of a dude dressed all comfy-cosers with his hands in his pockets and a kind of do-you-think-I-care, air. Guy is the epitome of that Rodriguez lyric ‘Splashed on my clothes as I spilled out of bed’ and reminds us of how models dress after the shows. Off duty chic, is what we're calling it. Look at how beat up his Chucks are, and then the way he’s just thrown everything together. It’s something that only fashion industry types, artists and those who are innately cool, can do. And this guy pulls it off with aplomb. That's style.

Sydney Davy

Instagram: @SydneyDavy

Twitter : @SydneyDavy

Top : YDE

Jersey: Cotton-on

Jeans: Topshop

Shoes : Vans

We've been harping on about the fashion trend No Era for a minute now, and it would seem that this dedicated follower of fashion got the memo. Taking a tight 90s halterneck croptop, she pairs it with ripped boyfriend fit jeans and bright white sneakers that hark back to the 80s, and then there's that romantic, slightly sheer cardigan. This outfit is all about balancing proportions, comfort and using simple pieces to make a big statement. 

Nina Mdwaba

Instagram: @Piinkie_andthebrain

Suit:  Thrift Store Stuff 

Shoes: Doc Martens

Say, how's this broad appropriating a 20s gangster's zoot suit and sending all these other street punk's mothers flowers. See? The high-waisted, wide-legged, pegged trousers, and long coat with wide lapels and wide shoulders padded like a lunatic's cell, plays with proportions while maintaining a soft feminity courtesy of clever cuffing. 

Kgali Molefe

Instagram: @Kgali Molefe

Twitter : @Kgali_m

Blazer : ZARA

Shoes : Call-IT Spring

Skirt:  Jenni Button 

From conversation starting hair, which segues nicely to her carefully curated Tumblr, Black Hair Politics, to the way that her chromosomes have combined so beautifully, to an outfit of neutrals that she lifts with a buttercup yellowT-shirt and cobalt blue court shoes, to the 80s influenced sock trend, to that oversized blazer that at first look appears to be a mid-thigh trench... Justice for all, this girl has it going on! 

Kenny-Morifi Winslow

Instagram: @KennyJMW

Twitter : @KennyJMW

Top : H&M

Pants : Zara

Shoes : Armani

We love this girl's casual getup, and bet that becoming friends with her would be as easy as slipping into a warm bath. Smart shoes worn with laid back sweats? Clearly she's studying her master's in fashion, and hopefully when she's done with her thesis we can convince her to kick off her shoes and snuggle up on the couch with us so that we can watch the first season of The Wire together, or something.

Jessica Jorgensen

Instagram: @JessJorgensen

Twitter :   @JessJorgensen

Jacket : Adidas Originals

Top: Woolworths

Jeans: Topshop

Shoes : Steve Madden

Hey look, it's the girl from that Flying Fish beer tvc! Never tasted the stuff myself, don't believe that beer should be flavoured, might as well drink an alco-pop then, and my Hooch days are long behind me, but anyway, what I do know is that if we had a Gossip Girl type incognito blog that rated the local hotties around town, then we would DEFINITELY put this bird on there. Look at her, she rides a bike, has a low maintenance hairstyle and looks like she'd be the type of girl who tells us to go out drinking with our mates whenever we're staying in too many nights in a row. Hell, she'd probably point out hot girls in cheeky bum shorts to you before you even noticed them. Don't tell anyone this, but we've got a bit of what the French would call, a LeCrush. 

Luke Dramaking

Instagram: @Lukedramaking

Twitter :   @LukeDramaking

Top : Cotton-On

Jeans: Mr Price

Shoes : River Island

This guy dresses like that DJ Girl Talk produces his signature mash ups. You know, like that track where he took the best bits of a Ludicrous' rap and then mixed that over Black Sabbath power chords. Anyway, back to our dude, lets start with the rockabilly creepers, which he wears below indie-rock stovepipe jeans, and then instead of a belt he wraps Avril's hoodie around his waist. On top there's Iggy Pop's crop top and Eddie Vedder's corduroy jacket. What are you, guy, my iPod on shuffle? We can't even begin to imagine how much fun it would be to talk to him about music and fashion and what he thought about that #StopTheKnot video, but like they say, don't meet your heroes...

Rebecca- Lynn Cunningham

Instagram: @Hambex

Top : Cotton-on

Jersey: Cotton-on

Jeans: TopShop

Shoes : Aldo

Hat: Nine-West

While eavesdropping in the changing rooms at a massive retailer's sale the other day, we overheard a group of three younger girls having a conversation about their new outfits. The sweet one asked what the other two thought about her getup, and the one friend said, "Love it!" but the other girl, the stern one, said, "I like it, but are you reallly going to be cropping in winter?"  Hahahha, basics worry about the weather. Not our girl in the pic, who wears a much more subtle lace crop with a slouchy cardigan and high-gloss boots that show off a flirt of ankle that goes so nicely with that taut belly.

Daniel-Hugo Crouse

Twitter :   @cruizer187

Blazer: AM Bespoke

Top: Woolworths

Shorts : Woolworths

Shoes : Aldo

Glasses : Oliver Peoples

Juxtaposition is a nice word that we used to use a helluva lot when we did our first year at Ruth Prowse Art School. Sadly we couldn't draw for shit, that word only got us so far, and daddy forced us to do a BA at UCT, anway, we still like to throw it around and sometimes it's even in context. F'rinstance, when we used it to describe this guy, who took the type of hairstyle and spectacles usually seen on a Colin Firth character and then threw on the type of heavy check sports jacket that Prince William wears when he shoots foxes. So far, so soft, but then guy rolls up his sleeves, accesorises with a digital watch, pulls on his most faded and washed out denim and simply slips into a golf shirt. Now where most guys would've seen the jacket and been tempted to go the full Sergio, throwing on a bowtie, pocket square, lapel pin etc. this guy knows that he might end up getting in a fist fight or something later and doesn't get too frau-frau with his fashion. Dude's a street dandy and can roll with our crew any day. 

Karma Amratlal

Instagram: @karmoose

Twitter :   @KarmaAmratlal

Top : Topshop

Skirt : Forever New

Shoes : Adidas Originals

Hat: Adidas Originals

How can something as elegant come across as so menacing at the same time? I mean look at her, she's so fragile that you want to take her home and put her in a shoebox full of cotton-wool and then feed her very milky Pronutro until she's strong enough to fly away on her own. But no, don't be fooled, that short skater skirt she wears is so that she can do Chun-Li type kicks, and her top is some sort of lightweight chainlink armour. Having the steel-toe caps on the outside of her Adidas Originals is an inspired move. This is perhaps the baddest girl we've ever seen in our life, and props to our photographer for making it out of that alley alive. 

Anthony Bila

Instagram: @theexpressionist

Twitter :   @AnthonyBila

Top : Adidas Originals

Jeans: TopMan

Shoes : Adidas Superstars

Hat:  Relay

Remember when Run–D.M.C.performed their hit single "My Adidas" and all the fans took their shelltoes off and raised them in the air and the marketing cats at Adidas saw this and the rap crew became the first to sign an endorsement deal with a major corporation? No? Okay, well that's how we felt when we saw this pic of our preferred Johannesburg videographer. From the shell-toe Superstars to the Pharrel Williams designed adi top, guy is killing it, and if anyone from the Trefoil is reading this then they should send dude a briefcase of paper money, a contract and some gear, stat.