Streets Ahead

Trevor Stuurman shoots the hip straight from the hip

Xiluva Nyathi

Xiluva wearing Neema pants, a Jay Jays top and thrifted jacket. 

The 70s thing is a major trend at the moment and while most will use this as an opportunity to dip their toes into flared trousers and boho stylings, we love this bold take on disco diva. Acid bright pants, graphic print top, statement bag and a deep purple shag coat that makes us want to stretch out in front of a roaring fire and share a fondue with her. 

Emma Jane Menteath

@emmajanementeath photographed in a H&M skirt and fringed denim shirt by Ronny Kobo. 

When it comes to accesorizing you could choose the latest sunglasses, or the right hat worn at a jaunty angle, or a statement handbag, in order to take your outfit to the next level. However, all of these pale in comparison to a smile, the ultimate accessory, and Emma knows it.

Trevor S Ntombela

@trevor_itboy kicked back like italics at Melrose Arch wearing a Top Man jacket, Mr P vest, Afro Brazo bucket hat and some very nice attention to detail.

Despite the fact that we'd probably duff the handshake when greeting this guy, we'd attempt to do it nonetheless, because we'd just have to compliment him on his swag. The way he's draped his jacket over his vest - casual. Those lapel decorations - killing it! The fact that he's worn a jacket with a vest - don't peek under his sunglasses because dude is practically in a coma. Dude is ice cold.

Emy Ozori

@emytcc photographed checking out the architecture at Melrose Arch in Ray Ban sunglasses and a Misguided denim jacket.

Okay so ignore that Grace Jones haircut, airbrushed skin and her bee-stung lips for a minute and instead focus on the pose. It's a stance usually reserved for inspiring the masses via propaganda posters. WE CAN DO IT! COME INTO THE FACTORIES! HOPE! This is the kind of look that becomes the default setting for people who are born with it. And when you're born with it then there's no need for fanfare. Instead you keep things simple and utilitarian in denim, shade your eyes from flashing cameras and then use your face to lead your nation towards victory. 

Maitele Wawa

@maitele_wawe photographed at Melrose Arch wearing Ray Ban sunglasses and a thrifted outfit.

We love the attention to detail and the way Maitele Wawe festoons himself to Christmas tree levels of decoration. We wouldn't suggest trying to travel with as many rings and things, and if you do insist then please don't be in the same line as us at the airport, however, if you want to peacock and pull off a look that's anywhere close to this, then you, sir, should light up a cancer-stick and puff on it as satifsyingly as if it were a post-coital one. 

Roxanne Robinson

@lucycant_dance photographed at Constitutional Hill wearing what we'll have to call a "3D poster inspired dress" or, "a bold take on print and colour", until we get the correct caption from Trevor. 

Roxanne Robinson is killing it in this high-waisted and pattern-blocked dress. Not one to shy away from making a statement, she adds statement sunglasses and a bag that's so bold, bright and yellow it should be in a field of sunflowers or something. 

Jerri Mokgofe

@accordingtojerri shot on location at the Westcliff Hotel wearing Ray Ban sunglasses, a denim jacket by Gap, Le Coq Sportif t-shirt and Jack & Jones jeans. 

Denim on denim is sometimes frowned apon. As are moonbags. However, when you have won the genetic lottery and have the face of a young Lenny Kravitz you can do both of these things, even wearing them at the same time, and all you have to do is remember to wear your check-me-back sunglasses so that everyone can watch their own jaws dropping. 

Raya Rossi

@thevisualjournal shot on location at Melrose Arch wearing Miu Miu sunglasses and an outfit by Rich Mnisi. 

Step aside mom jeans. Kids on the bleeding edge are skipping a generation and referencing grandma, then doing things like crotcheting their own handbags, wearing oversized granny glasses and always remembering to wear their coat. All this envelope-pusher needs to do now is keep a tissue up her sleeve and complain about the music of today.