#BTS Good Jeans

A pair of genetic lottery winners share their denim tips with us


So both girls were very sweet and very nice. The one is Swedish and the other is from Cape Verde and neither really had too much to say but they were both half-naked and I feel like all of us really enjoyed our time together.

So first thing's first - I spoke to them about the jeans they wore at the shoot.

Swede wore the boyfriend jeans, loved them. Cape Verde with the everlasting legs wore the dungarees. She was pretty blasé about them, although admitted that she did like how the polaroids came out. I agreed with her. We really connected on that. I feel it's important to point that out.

Then boyfriend jeans with the nice eyes and huge smile decided she was feeling a bit exposed, and asked if I minded her putting a top on. Being the gentleman that I am I said of course not, though inside I was beating myself up for not volunteering to take my own shirt off to just make both girls feel more at home. Idiot. I have a lot to learn about women.

Both consider black skinnies to be the default go-to jeans. They're versatile, convenient, sexy. The all-purpose pair. Especially for Long & Leggy: as far as she's concerned those are the best jeans. Eyes & Smile said that she really likes how boyfriend jeans are so in because they're really convenient, especially for castings and shoots when you're constantly in and out of clothes. 

"But they're not sexy" says Long & Leggy. A pause. Ladies and gentlemen, we have an argument. 

Eyes and Smile responds saying, "Wear some boyfriend jeans with a small little crop top, there's something very sexy about that". I interrupt to suggest that maybe it has something to do with how skinnies hug the legs and bum, enhancing every curve and feature, showing off all of the wearer's best assets, while perhaps the boyfriend jeans, hanging low, paired with a small crop top gives a hint of the wearer's figure while leaving a fair amount to the imagination, encouraging you to play a mental game of connect-the-dots that somehow is far sexier than actually explicitly seeing everything right in front of you. "Yes", they both say. English isn't their first language and I also now understand why Eyes and Smile thought it best that she put on her top.

We talk a bit about customising jeans, ripping, distressing, adding patches and badges. They really like how you can do that with denims, though they have no particular advice regarding how to. They did however find it very amusing that I suggested one wears jeans to Coachella. Long and Leggy points to her upper thigh (about 1.5m above ground), "this is how much denim you wear at Coachella". "You don't take jeans there, you cut them" says Eyes and Smiles.

I ask them about men's jeans. "What denim tips would you give to a down-to-earth, regular guy like me?", I ask self-deprecatingly in a way that models obviously find very endearing. "Wear them how you like" is the immediate response from Jeanice (who deserves more than just being labeled as the most amazing legs I've ever seen, thank you very much). Annie however is a bit more critical, "There's a style that lots of guys wear in America. I hate it. They wear jeans that are just there." She throws her hands downwards. "They don't touch their legs. They hang. And they wear white loafers!" This is valuable information I feel. Be sure to actually have a fit, and never wear white loafers. We laugh together for at least 5 minutes straight. It's amazing just how comfortable we all are together. They're much more interesting than the living room tables we usually shoot on Fridays.