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Jeans for Women

A good pair of jeans will be worn more times than anything else in your wardrobe. With all the cuts and colours you could ever need, from high-waisted to straight-leg, black, blue or even white, you’re certain to find your perfect pair when you shop online with Superbalist. Save yourself from those, “I have nothing to wear,” moments and look no further for that ideal day-to-day than our denim collection.

Bootleg Bootleg jeans are one of the most flattering jeans styles there are; they hug the hips and torso and make legs look slimmer and longer. What's not to love? Superbalist's wide range of washes from faded light blue through to indigo and black mean that you will find your next pair of bootleg jeans right here – no mall trawl required. Choose from Superbalist's range of brands such as Soviet's easy fits Jeep or Sissy Boy's in-fashion styles or Contempo's boot-legs for curvier women. How you wear your boot-leg jeans is entirely a matter of choice: laid-back sporty sophisticated or sexy. Cropped The top denim labels represented in Superbalist's cropped jeans section – Guess Sassoon Soviet – is proof of this style's enduring popularity and ongoing fashionability. If you don't already own a pair make this the season that you add a great cropped pair to your wardrobe. Cropped jeans take changing seasons styles and trends in their stride and need no more than an in-season top or footwear to be brought up-to-date. This slim and flattering fit will have you looking and feeling confident throughout the year – and isn't that what all women want from a pair of jeans? Skinny Jeans Once every now and then a fashion trend comes along that is so welcome and so wearable that it becomes a women's wardrobe staple in no time. Take skinny jeans. More particularly take the wonderful selections of skinny jeans in Superbalist's online shop that illustrate the wide variety to be found. True-blue denim brands such as Guess and Levi's are among the trendsetters with fashion-forward styles Style Republic and Sassoon bring archetypal skinny designs and brands like Polo Classic and Vero Moda and Noisy May do faded and ripped skinnies. Browse them all or filter by brand price and size to find the skinnies for you in no time. Straight Straight-leg jeans are the most authentic of all modern jeans as their fashion DNA can be traced right back to the very first jeans. A mid-rise waist and roomier fit around the thighs make them exceptionally wearable and surprisingly flattering. Browse Superbalist for a wide range of blues sizes and styling such as true heritage brands like Levi’s contemporary classic labels like Soviet and Guess as well as high-street favourites Jeep Mango and Queenspark. Add a choice of true-to-their-roots authentic styles bleached and ripped updates ones with embroidery and patched styles and there's no doubt you've come to the right place if you're looking for straight-leg jeans. Jeans Fashion's enduring love affair with jeans is not about to fizzle out any time soon. Go ahead and keep building your collection perhaps by adding one of the new-season washes or a fantastically retro high-waisted pair. You'll find Levi's the label to thank for 'inventing' jeans as well as sassy jeans by Guess and lifestyle labels such as Soviet and SISSY BOY. Add the full spectrum of denim finishes – washed ripped frayed bleached… – and the possibilities become endless. So instead of trying to find your match among rails and rails of jeans pick from Superbalist's edited range – no legwork required until you step out in your new jeans. Wide Leg Our wide-legged jeans are selected from a few of our favourite denim brands so that you will always find the latest new-season styles at Superbalist. These timeless jeans show your figure to its best advantage by giving you a lift from behind and giving your thighs that lean ’70s look. Plus flares offer a wonderful alternative to your usual skinnies and boot-leg jeans to mix things up every now and then. Wear them the 21st-century way by teaming wide-legged jeans with a stylish jacket or elegant blazer and heels or on less dressy days sneakers and a slogan T-shirt to create a fantastically flattering silhouette. While lighter blues have a ’70s throwback vibe darker shades are modern and more workwear and less Woodstock – and at Superbalist you will find both.


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